The Countdown Continues …

Bash Bish Falls

Tomorrow Georgia’s Kitchen will be available for sale at bookstores everywhere. I feel excited, proud, happy, relieved, amazed and more than a little anxious. Why the nerves, you ask? Let’s just say that wondering how the book will sell is not a topic that lulls me to sleep at night. But all worry aside, I’m positively thrilled. So thrilled that I catch myself grinning at the most mundane things, like my dog, chasing yet another squirrel, my daughters, crunching away at their peanut butter toast, my husband, pounding out emails on his Blackberry, and my garden, which has sprouted yet another Mr. Stripey tomato (a delicious heirloom that I’ll continue planting for the rest of my life). Georgia’s Kitchen has been so long in the making – writing it, revising it, finding an agent, revising it again, selling it, polishing it – that it’s mind blowing to think that tomorrow I’ll walk into a bookstore (or several, since I plan to spend much of the day book stalking!) and see it on the shelves. Even cooler would be spotting someone (or two or three) buying it.

So what does the waterfall have to do with anything? Yesterday we took a family trip to Bash Bish falls, a lovely waterfall and state park in southwestern Massachusettes. We hiked down to the falls and sat for a while, watching the rushing water and eating the chocolate chip cookies we’d brought along to help gear up for the hike back. It was a relaxing and mellow sunny summer day with my kids and my husband. And that’s what I’m going to be thinking of tomorrow … instead of obsessively checking my sales numbers on Amazon and B&N (though I’m sure I”ll do a little of that too)!

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