The Countdown Begins …

10 days until the release of Georgia’s Kitchen! I’m super excited but also super nervous. Fortunately, I have plenty to distract me. Like the many Q and As I need to do for all the wonderful blogs kind enough to do features on me and/or Georgia’s Kitchen. And book number two, which is s-l-o-w-l-y creeping along. And my twin six year olds who have the busiest little lives out of anyone I know. And my garden, which is in need of some serious TLC. (Speaking of, does anyone have a recipe for fiori di zucca – which is more fun to say than zucchini blossoms – that doesn’t involve deep frying?) But as for the book itself, the work is done. There’s not much I can do to improve its chances of selling, beyond begging everyone I know to pre-order a copy (like, now, please), write a review, preferably of the five-star variety, and post it where the whole book-loving world can see it. So would you? Please?

Now that that’s done, I have two words: MAD MEN!!

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