Storm King Art Center

Beethoven's Quartet

Every summer, and again every fall, we pack a picnic and take a family trip to Storm King Art Center in Mountainville, NY, an awesome – in the true sense of the word – sculpture park set on 500 acres of open fields, rolling hills and shady woodlands, surrounded by nothing more than blue sky and green trees. Everywhere you turn another incredible sculpture, usually of massive scale – a bright orange industrial steel beam bisecting the horizon, a field of grass-covered waves, a half-dozen “boulders” resting in a hollow among the trees – jumps out at you. I don’t know how many works there are in total, but somehow I always leave with a new favorite. This time it was Mark di Suvero’s Beethoven’s Quartet. Ava and Flora are unwavering in their loyalty to Roy Lichtenstein’s Mermaid, and Warren is still blown away by Andy Goldsworthy’s Storm King Wall. If you tire of walking, you can rent bikes from Lightsey’s Cycle, which opened a mini-outpost right there in the park, and offers super-cool orange cruisers that complement the sculptures perfectly.

Storm King Wall


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