Resolution #1: Light More Candles

Burn, Baby, Burn

Yesterday, while I was feeling all resolution-y and determined to get rid of stuff I no longer need or use, I discovered a plethora of scented candles tucked into various rooms, drawers and cabinets throughout my house. I found nine in my bedroom alone – three on my desk (to be fair, these are all minis), one on each nightstand, a pair on my mantel, ditto my and my husband’s dressers. Poking around my bathroom yielded an additional five, at which point I searched the rest of the house. Total score: 23 candles of various shapes, sizes and scents, not including the tapers and tea lights I use in the dining room.

This struck me as an inordinately high number, particularly because some still reside in their handsome boxes (minus the cello wrap, thank goodness), and many have never met a flame, not even for a minute. Why am I hoarding scented candles? Simple. Unless I’m soaking in a tub, an activity that positively demands a lighted candle (and bath salts too, but that’s another story), it feels too decadent, too indulgent to fire up a scented candle just because I want to. (Though not, it must be noted, to buy said candle in the first place.) This logic, I realize, doesn’t hold up. But it does explain the pricey bottle of perfume that turned to alcohol before I’d spritzed even half of it, and the fabulous Bordeaux that had vinegarized by the time we opened it, thereby becoming the most expensive drain cleaner ever.

So this year, I resolve to light more candles. Whether plugging away on my laptop, or curled up with a book, or watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (highly entertaining – catch it on Bravo On Demand if you haven’t seen it yet) or whenever the urge strikes, you’ll find me enshrouded in good-smelling air, not giving a moment’s thought to what I’ll do when my candle burns away to nothing.

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