Our Vegetable Garden

Here it is … our first-ever vegetable garden! Isn’t it a beaut? We were a little late to the game, planting lettuces and other cold weather crops over Memorial Day weekend, but between our amazing CSA, Sisters Hill, and our own garden, we haven’t dreamed of buying lettuce all month long.  For a family of salad eaters, this is not a bad thing, though even I have a hard time eating more than two a day. (Why oh why doesn’t lettuce freeze?) Ava and Flora, my six year olds, did much of the planting and love to water, though they’re not so keen on weeding. Their favorite part is going out to the garden just before dinner and picking leaves and herbs for that night’s dinner, most of which go directly into their bellies. Tomorrow we’re off to buy some zucchini plants!

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