On Target

I just received terrific news: Georgia’s Kitchen has been selected as a Target Breakout Book! Click here to buy it online.  This is huge news on many levels, not least of which is my undying love for all things Target (or Tar-zhay, as I used to say in college, way back when I first discovered this wonder store). I remember my inaugural Target trip to outfit my first-ever apartment. I bought a TV, pots and pans, furniture, towels, lights (remember that torchiere that just about everyone you knew owned? It was usually next to the hunter-green papasan chair). It was the most fun I’d had shopping.

Twenty years later, my husband Warren and I still go on frequent Target dates (should I be embarrassed by what this may say about the state of our social life? Our love life?), usually making a Target run before catching a flick at the multiplex next door. I love Target because it has everything I need, at a great price, in one place. (And their house brand, Archer Farms, is amazing – great salsa, sparkling water, and healthy-ish snacks.) And now I love Target even more because they love my book! Thanks again, Tarzhay!

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  1. by Jessica on

    Hi Jenny! This is such exciting news! We also love target and were actually in there a week ago and I bought a few books! Wish yours had been there, would have definitely gone in the cart! Can’t wait to read your book and hope to attend a book reading when we are back in town!! Congrats again on getting your book in target! We are telling everyone we know!! Xo, Jessica

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