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This week, I’m giving away the hilarious and moving I Feel Bad About My Neck by the equally hilarious (and moving) Nora Ephron. Let me just come right out and say that I pretty much worship Nora Ephron. Why? Because she’s clever, quick, insightful, honest, hilarious (did I already say that?) and she’s a total foodie (think Heartburn).

Despite my Nora-worshipping ways, it took me until this summer to pick up I Feel Bad About My Neck. What makes this even stranger is that I, too, feel bad about my neck. Not because it’s loose and saggy (though I’m sure that’s coming) but because of the wrap-around scar that starts at my right collar bone, stretches all the way across to my left and then continues traveling upward until it meets my left ear. As far as scars go, it’s a doozy. The result of an operation to remove my thyroid way back when I was 23, my scar is now as much a part of me as my squinty eyes or my half-curly, half-straight hair. Though I’ve long since abandoned my uniform of all turtlenecks, all the time (thank goodness for that), I do still cringe when a stranger asks “what happened there,” accompanied by a throat-slashing motion. But as long as my six-year-old daughters continue to think my scar looks “cool,” how upset can I really be?

Want to win a copy of I Feel Bad About My Neck? (Answer: Yes, you do.) Leave a comment here. Want to increase your odds of winning? “Like” Georgia’s Kitchen on Facebook and leave a comment there too. Good luck!

42 Responses to “New Book Giveaway!”

  1. by Shannon on

    Looks like a great book! Can’t wait to read it!

  2. by Beth Weaver on

    Heard this was hilarious! Would love to win!!

  3. by Anna on

    Sounds hilarious! Would love to add this to my collection!

  4. by Ginger Wiggins on

    This books sounds so interesting to read… I hope to win since I normally read much different style of books… I would love to boarden my collection

  5. by Jane Cook on

    Sounds great! Sign me up, and thanks!

  6. by CurlySarah on

    This book sounds really funny – I’ve got scars in the shape of a very large cross on my stomach from 3 surgeries (thank goodness they saved my belly button), and while I find that most people don’t even notice them, I know they’re there and am sometimes thinking that everyone sees them.

  7. by dichpich on

    Sounds great. Definitely would love to read it.

  8. by Jenny on

    She is terrific- would love to win it! (My neck makes me feel bad too!)
    Dita Reade

  9. by Colleen Turner on

    She is so funny and I have loved her movies, so I am sure I would love this book. Please enter me in the contest!

  10. by Vera on

    Please enter me!

  11. by Jean Shen on

    What a hilarious title! Sounds like a fun read!

  12. by Heather on

    Awesome! I would love this!

  13. by Teresa on

    I have wanted to read this one. Please enter me!

  14. by Catherine B. on

    Sounds good!

  15. by Catherine B. on

    “Liked” Georgia’s kitchen on Facebook

  16. by ella on

    good book=great giveaway!

  17. by Lucy on

    Please enter me!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. by Ruthie B on

    ‘Yes I do’

    Thank you

  19. by Daisy on

    Ever since I read your post about Nora Ephron’s “Heartburn” I’ve been thinking that I really should make a point of reading her. This would be a great place to start!

  20. by RisaG on

    Sounds like a great book. I have loved her films. She is a funny writer. I liked you on Facebook and commented here and there.

  21. by Kat Stover on

    sounds good! enter me!

  22. by Jennifer Jabaley on

    Would love to read this! It’s been on my list forever!

  23. by Gil Johnson on

    Now that you mention it, I feel funny about my neck, too. I’m reading that book!

  24. by Lucy on

    This sounds good!
    Please enter me.

  25. by Jenn at Girls Just Reading on

    This is wonderful! Thanks for the opportunity!

    Jenn (at) girlsjustreading (dot) com

  26. by Sarah on

    Sounds like a great read!! Thanks for the giveaway:)

  27. by Betsy on

    This book sounds great. Please enter my name in the giveaway.

  28. by Nancy on

    I would love the chance to win this great sounding book! Thanks!

  29. by Tiffany D on

    Another great giveaway 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win this, it looks great!!!

  30. by Brenda Butler on

    I would love to read this book!!

    mommasdawge at aol dot com

  31. by Irene on

    I look forward to reading the book! Thanks for the opportunity to win it.

  32. by Kirsten on

    I love Nora Ephron and would LOVE to win a copy of this book! I’m keeping my fingers crossed! Yay!

  33. by Julie on

    Not sure how, but never heard of Nora before – would love to win and have a new favorite author! Great giveaway, thanks for the opportunity.

  34. by Jenny on

    Catherine B, you’re the winner of Nora Ephron’s terrific I Feel Bad About My Neck. I hope you love it as much as I do. Thanks to everyone for entering and check back later this week for my next giveaway!

  35. by Melanie on

    ha ha! I still have not read “Heartburn” and that has been a few years back,hasn’t it? I guess since I am having a lot of “I Feel Bad About..”issues after the all this time has gone by,I could use a good laugh about it.(P.S.I was just sorta wondering if you had ever received my email?)Thanks,,Melanie Baril

  36. by Carol Wong on

    I am a big fan of Nora Ephron. She is so doggone funny!!!
    I too feel bad about my neck. I have had a ”
    dowager’s hump on base of the back of my neck when I am kind of self conscious about.

    I would really love to read this book!!!!


  37. by pearl on

    Yes, I do. thanks so much.

  38. by MAS888 on

    Thanks to a very

  39. by m8win on

    I think it’s interesting m8win

  40. by m8win on

    Thanks you

  41. by ziengame on

    Thank you for your blog article.Thanks Again. Will read on…

  42. by thaislotonline on

    Your article is worth it for me. Thank you!

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