Mussels, Lobster and Halibut, Oh My!

Boat house at Little River Lake

The Boat House at Little River Lake

Nova Scotia in early September is a lovely place to be. The days are warm, the nights are cool, the fields are green and and dotted with haystacks out of a Monet painting and seem to go on forever. Meandering country roads are free of traffic, and it’s quite possible to wind your way down a long stretch of beach backed by dramatic red cliffs without seeing a single person. Out on Little River Lake, we fished, kayaked and listened to loons (and paddled next to one  – it was much bigger than any of us expected). Warren learned to cast under the expert tutelage of Perry Munro, angler extraordinaire and all-around great guy. At the beach, we went “wave rocking,” the j.v. version of body surfing, and collected amazing striped and polka-dotted rocks. And we ate. Mostly lobster, in its many guises (though the tried-and-true lobster roll is still my fave), and also the local halibut, which is out of this world, and the PEI mussels, some of the tastiest we’ve tried. Tempest, in Wolfville, is definitely worth a stop for dinner or lunch (you can’t go wrong with either lobster or halibut, but skip the salad with the fundy dulse, a local seaweed I couldn’t break down no matter how hard I chewed); and The Port, a gastropub magnificently set alongside the dyke in Port Williams, is the perfect lunch spot (and a fine place for hide-and-go-seek too).

The Box of Delights Bookstore

The lovely Box of Delights bookstore, in Wolfville, was kind enough to host a Georgia’s Kitchen event and reading, complete with drinks (we needed them on that 90-degree evening!) and luscious, if slightly melted, local gelato. Thanks to Mitzi and Samantha for such a fun event! Should you find yourself in the area and in need of a great read, be sure to stop by this terrific indie bookstore.

Saturday morning we battened down the hatches in preparation for Hurricane Earl, which made landfall just an hour away. The rain was fierce and incessant, the power gone almost immediately, so we played Scrabble, read, beaded necklaces and drank from the dozen water bottles we’d filled in preparation. Later, we made the most delicious lavender-mint mojitos, which seemed a fitting way to celebrate the end of the storm.

Now we’re in full-on back-to-school mode. This morning we dropped off our twin daughters for their first day of first grade, and their first day in different classrooms with different teachers. I know it’s the right thing for them (isn’t it?), but I’m still worried – will they make friends? Feel anxious or unsettled? Find each other at lunch, refuse to sit at their respective class tables and spend the rest of the day at the principal’s office? Would love to hear from any parents of twins who’ve gone through this and have thoughts on how to ease the transition. Happy back to school-ing!

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