Marathon Dreams

I’ve always liked November. With a few notable exceptions – daylight savings and the midterm elections spring to mind – it’s a pretty great month. For starters, there’s Thanksgiving. Family, turkey, my Grandmother Adelia’s butter-drenched stuffing and my mom’s legendary pumpkin chiffon pie do not a bad dinner make. (Check back next week for recipes – they are amazing and easy and your family will love them, I promise.) There’s also my dad’s birthday (Happy 69th, JGN, Sr.!), and as much pre-holiday excitement as two six-year-old girls who are lucky enough to celebrate both Channukah and Christmas can muster. Finally, there’s the New York City marathon.

This year, the marathon was held on a picture-perfect fall day: blue skies, crisp air, brilliant sun – New York City at her finest. We staked out a spot near the finish line at Tavern on the Green, cheering on everyone who’d written their name across their shirt, a nifty trick that ensures someone will be rooting for you every step of the way. (My daughters swear there were more Kates, Kellys and Marks than anyone.) I always get a little choked up watching the runners come in, imagining the obstacles they’ve overcome, the distances they’ve traveled, the training, the exhaustion. I cheer for them all – the ones who are struggling, limping, barely moving, the others who – amazingly – still have a spring in their step, the mother-daughter duos, the groups of five or six Italian or French friends proudly wearing their countries’ flags, the burly men in tutus and funny wigs, the just-married couples. And every year, I wonder how they do it. I’ve been a runner for the past 12 years and while I’ve dreamed of running the marathon – and you know which one I mean by “the” – I’ve never seriously thought it was something I could or would do. Until this year. Yesterday, I officially threw my name into the hat, registering for the lottery along with over 100,000 other hopefuls. I’ll find out in April whether I’ve been accepted. I know it’s a long shot, but so is running a marathon.

4 Responses to “Marathon Dreams”

  1. by Annie G on

    I also threw my name in the hat yesterday 😉 It will be on my 41st birthday. What fun if we both get in…let’s hope.

    And I finally finished your novel last night. It was a busy summer. I loved it!

  2. by Dita Reade on

    Here’s hoping you get to run in the marathon- if not next year then the next. And we can all come and cheer for you!

  3. by Millbrook I on

    If you’re in the 2011 marathon, I’ll be cheering for you in three of the five boroughs in a tutu!

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