Late-Night Reads and a Book Giveaway

I read Jean Kwok’s engrossing coming-of-age novel, Girl in Translation, in one very late night.  I’ve never been good at putting down a book I love (I was that nine-year-old girl reading Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret under the covers, flashlight in hand) and being the perpetually tired mother to two active six-year-old daughters hasn’t changed things a bit. My eyes burn, my mind dulls and yet, I can’t seem to put down that book until I know what happens next. I started Girl in Translation while waiting for my husband to come home from a meeting so we could go out on “date night” (dorky but true). I cranked through 100 pages, propelled by a cup of super strong black tea and the gripping plight of Kimberly and her mother, who, fresh from Hong Kong, have landed in the slums and sweatshops of New York City.  After a delicious sushi dinner, I stayed up until the wee hours, bleary eyed and fuzzy headed, until I no longer had to ask “what happens next” because I’d found out for myself. And boy, was it good.

I know I’m not the only one who’s stayed up way past my bedtime because of a book I couldn’t bear to put down. Leave a comment with the title of your favorite late-late-night read and you’ll be entered to win a copy of Girl In Translation. As usual, the more places you share this contest, the better your chances of winning. Comment below for a chance to win, then comment on Facebook, then share this contest link on Facebook and Twitter and increase your chances! Your name will be entered for every place you share — so if you comment here on the blog, comment on the Georgia’s Kitchen Facebook page, share the contest on Facebook (and tag me – @ Jenny Nelson Georgia’s Kitchen), and tweet about it (and tag me @JennyGNelson), you’ll be entered four times.  Good luck!

20 Responses to “Late-Night Reads and a Book Giveaway”

  1. by Melissa on

    I’ll be sharing this on my Winning Wednesday blog post this week. Does that count? 🙂
    I am too old to stay up late reading these days. LOL! I’d most likely be happy staying up with some good chick lit novels otherwise. Or a Jodi Picoult book. I usually end up reading at 6 in the morning on the treadmill these days. 🙂

  2. by Jane Cook on

    Jenny, I’d love to win this book! I saw this on a ‘must read’ list earlier this year but it’s slipped my mind – thank you for refreshing my memory!

    I’m off to FB and Twitter to share!

  3. by jenny on

    Good for you for hitting the treadmill at 6! I envy your dedication. And sharing on your blog definitely counts!

  4. by Kay on

    Lately, it’s been any Jodi Picoult book- especially now since I’m expecting some sort of twist or surprise at the end, I wind up reading it all at once to find out!

  5. by CBlaire on

    CINDERELLA DEAL, by Jenny Crusie and TRULY,MADLY, by Heather Webber are two recent *couldn’t stop reading* novels. Jean Kwoks’s GIRL IN TRANSLATION sounds wonderful!!

  6. by Ruthie B on

    Our book club just finished Rainwater by Sandra Brown & I couldn’t put it down. Thank goodness it was short but oh so good! Please enter me, thanks.


  7. by Brenda Butler on

    Would love the chance to read this….:0) Funny cause the last book I read that kept me up and couldnt put down was Georgia’s Kitchen! lol I was in Vegas and instead of being out enjoying the town…I was in my room reading Georgia’s Kitchen LOL

  8. by Colleen on

    Oh, sounds great! I’ve wanted to read this one!

  9. by Stephanie G on

    AH!! Just last night I stayed until 1 AM finishing “Bulletproof Mascara” by Bethany Maines. Really good stuff!

  10. by Shannon on

    Can’t wait to read this book! I usually fall asleep reading so hard to have a late night!

  11. by Maria M. on

    I thought Room by Emma Donaghue was really intriguing. I’d love to read this one!

  12. by Lisa on

    Loved Nicholas Sparks’ latest….Safe Haven. Once I got to the half-way point, I couldn’t put it down anymore! This one looks like a great read!

  13. by Laura Rachel Fox on

    The last book I couldn’t put down at bed time was Rowan Coleman’s “The Accidental Mother.” I’m just itching for another captivating read. Thanks for hosting the contest.

    I commented at Georgia’s Kitchen like page, posted a link on facebook, and tweeted (username: LostLibraryGirl):http://twitter.com/#!/LostLibraryGirl/status/28915518161


  14. by jenny on

    Brenda, I love that Georgia’s Kitchen held its own against the slots, tables, food and shows of Vegas!!

  15. by Sarah on

    thanks for the giveaway!!

  16. by Gil Johnson on

    You’ve written that Michael Cunningham was your first and best creative writing teacher. He recently wrote in New York Times that novels are all about translation: first from the writer’s experiences and images to the page and then from the page to the reader’s mind. So Lost in Translation sounds like the ultimate novel. Congratulations!

  17. by Dita Reade on

    Would love to have another book to keep me up reading! I love mysteries (among many other genres), and stayed up to read Linda Fairstein’s HELL GATE.

  18. by dichpich on

    Sounds like a book that would keep me up late, would definitly like to win it. The last book that I read and stayed up late was Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys and it was a while ago. So, hope I can win this one.

  19. by dorgen on

    Wow, that sounds interesting. Lolita by Vladimer Nabokov was the book that recently read and couldn’t put aside untill I finished the last page. So, would like to win this one, I am sure it will keep me up.

  20. by jenny on

    Congrats to Dita Reade! Email me your address at jenny@jennynelsonwriter.dev and I’ll send out your copy of Girl in Translation!

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