Hot Tomatoes

Garden Tomatoes

On Tuesday, we picked up our share from our amazing CSA, Sisters Hill Farm, which included five pounds of tomatoes. Combined with the ten (tomatoes, not pounds) from our own garden, we are definitely long tomatoes. For a tomato-loving family like ours, this is not a bad thing. I’ve been making gazpacho (seems weird now that it’s 55 and rainy, but didn’t a few days ago when it was 85 and sunny), pappa al pomodoro and fresh salsa, to which I am positively addicted. But my favorite tomato recipe is also the simplest: chopped tomatoes, minced garlic, basil, kalamata olives, olive oil and parm (the measurements depend on your tastes) over pasta – whatever kind I have available (lately I’m into whole wheat fettucine). I add plenty of salt and freshly ground pepper and a bit of the pasta cooking water. It is simple and delicious and makes me feel like it’s still summer even though – shiver – it’s not.

Tomato Girl

The Tomato Girl with the swiss chard hair and cuke smile on the left was styled by my six-year-old daughters, Ava and Flora, to look like a character from a book they loved when they were younger called Food For Thought. I promised them I’d put their creation “on the computer,” so here it is! They learned to count (and to love veggies) with this book and I highly recommend it for all pre-schoolers and picky eaters and veggie lovers alike.

If anyone has thoughts on other easy and delicious tomato recipes, I’d love to hear them. I know that all too soon I’ll be lamenting the lack of good tomatoes in my life.

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