Jennifer Gabriella Nelson is born in the suburbs of New York City on July 9, 1970. Her mother describes her as "red" (like the Cancer crab she is) and "long." It is the only time in her life she will ever be described as long.


Jenny's childhood in Larchmont is packed with kickball, flashlight tag, soccer, tennis and singing in school plays – this is the era of the Broadway hit, Annie, after all. Watching Sarah Jessica Parker belt her heart out in the title role, Jenny proclaims the show as "amazing as my Zany Zappers!"

High school

Jenny enrolls in a summer creative writing program taught by Michael Cunningham, who wears an earring and a leather jacket and is the coolest teacher she's ever met (sorry, Mr. Paulsen). There, she vows to "one day write a novel."

College, Take 1

Jenny kicks-off her college career at Wake Forest, moves on to Madrid for a crazy year of mucha marcha, tons of travelling (enabled by a totally shocking win at high-stakes Bingo), and enough sun to stain her fair, freckly face a deep, dark caramel. Note to reformed sun worshippers: If you're tempted to go under one of those blue-light things to check out the extent of your sun damage – don't do it!

College, Take 2

At the University of Colorado, Jenny graduates with a BA in English Literature and meets her future husband, Warren (at a keg party, natch) and his – later their – pooch, Bozeman (not at the party). All three move back to New York; Warren and Bo to the city, Jenny to the 'burbs.

The Big “C”

A lump on Jenny's neck turns into a diagnosis of thyroid cancer (thank you, Eddie, for insisting on that fourth opinion!). After surgery and a whopping dose of radioactive iodine, Jenny is now almost 17 years cancer free!

Working Girl

Jenny scores a job at big PR firm where she becomes an ace faxer and filer. Several jobs later, she lands at iVillage, then moves on to editing and producing jobs at, and many now-defunct start ups.


Jenny and Warren are married in Florence by an eighty-eight-year-old rabbi at a villa overlooking the Duomo. Friends and family dance the night away to the tunes of the twelve-piece jazz band found at the last-minute on the internet who, amazingly, are able to play the Horah – pretty perfectly, too – after the groomsmen hum a few bars to the band leader.


Ava Jane and Flora Mame Elghanayan are born two minutes apart on April 14th, 2004 in NYC. The doctors say with "99% accuracy" that they are not identical.

Book It

Jenny enrolls in a writing class in the city and completes what will become the first chapter – now entirely different – of Georgia's Kitchen. She's quite sure she breaks every single writing "rule" in that one little chapter.

Country Living

Jenny and her family move to Millbrook, NY, a small town 90 miles from NYC, where their closest neighbors are a posse of dreadlocked donkeys. Amidst their constant braying, Jenny completes Georgia's Kitchen, adopts a foxy-looking rescue dog named Clarabelle, finds her agent and sells her book. Oh, if only it had been that easy.

The Next Chapter...

The next book, of course! Stay tuned…