Georgia’s Kitchen Launch Party!

On Tuesday night – the very day Georgia’s Kitchen arrived at bookstores everywhere – I had a fabulous book launch party at Kenmare, a stylish and delish restaurant in downtown NYC. It was a wonderful event, filled with lots of family, friends old and new (including most, but not all, of my best buds – Annie, we missed you!), colleagues, and a few media folk, all there to celebrate the release of Georgia’s Kitchen. We ate Joey Campanaro’s famous sliders, arancini, crostini and tuna tartare (my fave), drank Sicilian Margaritas (which pack an, ahem, powerful punch!), and incredible wines donated by the very talented

My family!

and very generous Joe Bastianich (check him out on Master Chef). I can’t tell you how much it meant to have all the people I love supporting me and Georgia’s Kitchen. As I remarked to one friend, it felt almost like a second wedding – right down to my ivory dress!  A special shout out to my out-of-town family members who traveled so they could be there and to my great pal Sandra Ardito, without whom the party wouldn’t have happened.

My best pals!

My hub and bro-in-law!

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