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Blue Ribbon Winner

This week is the highlight of the summer for my twin six-year-old daughters. Not because we’re going on vacation in a few days (though that doesn’t hurt), but because the Dutchess County Fair has descended on Rhinebeck, New York, two hours north of NYC, for its 165th year. Not only are there rides galore and tons of food (check out the Middle Eastern stall run by Deadheads for amazing hummus, taboule, falafel and mint lemonade, then stop by 4H for a sinfully thick chocolate milkshake), there are racing piggies, champion cows, goats, lamas and alpacas, diving penguins (okay, so these are just people dressed up like penguins, but they still put on a darn good show), camel rides, a petting zoo, dock-diving dogs, clowns, live music, equestrian events, tractor pulls, and prize-winning vegetables so lovely to behold they look like art. This last category is my hands-down favorite, and walking among the colorful displays checking for blue ribbons makes me feel like Laura Ingalls Wilder roaming around the state fair in the 1880s. Hats off to everyone who helps keep the farming tradition alive and well in Dutchess County and the surrounding environs. The food they grow is delicious, healthy and so beautiful it proves that no food styling is necessary when you’re dealing with the freshest farm-to-table produce there is.

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  1. by biker on

    This makes me nostalgic for a spin on the ferris wheel, cotton candy, a cabdied apple and many more rare treats on a sun filled day.

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